Safelink Wireless

What is LifeLine?

Created by the Federal Communications Commission in 1997 to provide communities across America with affordable telecommunications services, the LifeLine Program helps families in need obtain voice and internet service based on the principle that everyone in the U.S. deserves accessible, affordable, and pervasive high-speed connectivity.

Through SafeLink Wireless’ Lifeline eligible households can receive:

  • A free SafeLink Wireless Smartphone or SIM Card
  • Free minutes, free unlimited texting, and free data every month

There is no required contract, no credit checks, no bills, and no fees.

How do I qualify? Click here to apply!

What does One Per Household mean?

Only ONE Lifeline service may be obtained per household. “Household” is defined as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address as one economic unit. An ‘‘economic unit’’ is defined as ‘‘all adult individuals contributing to and sharing in the income and expenses of a household.’’ Lifeline support is available to eligible low-income consumers living in group living facilities. Lifeline applicants may demonstrate when initially enrolling in the program that any other Lifeline recipients residing at their residential address are part of a separate household.