Minnesota Urban and Rural Homestead Program (MURL)

Minnesota Urban and Rural Homestead Program (MURL) is a program for low- to moderate-income families, considered “at risk” first-time homebuyers, who are unable to purchase a home through traditional financing.

MURL Program Homes are sold on a 30 year contract for deed at 0% interest with no down payment required. Buyers must pay 25% of their gross monthly income as the monthly house payment. Hazard insurance and property taxes are escrowed and are included in the 25% payment.

First-time homebuyers in the MURL Program can include individuals who previously owned a home with a spouse or significant other and are separated or divorced, individuals who have not owned a home in the last three years or who have never owned a home.

For additional information, call Amy Mortenson, Koochiching County Support Specialist, at 218-283-9491 or 800-559-9491 ext 100.

This program is not currently taking applications.