Energy Assistance Program


The 2023-2024 application will be available until May 31st. Please see below to access a printable application or online application.  If you have not applied, your application must be postmarked or received by May 31st.  For those that have already applied, you will automatically be mailed a new application for the 2024-2025 season by October.  If you are experiencing a crisis situation with your heat or electric, please contact our office immediately.   

Itasca County

201 NW 4th St. Suite 130

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

218-999-0800 or 1-877-687-1163

Koochiching County

2232 E. 2nd Avenue

International Falls, MN 56649

218-283-9491 or 1-800-559-9491

2023-2024 Energy Assistance Program

Kootasca’s Energy Assistance Program provides financial assistance to pay a portion of a household’s heat and/or electric costs. In addition, the program offers emergency assistance for utility disconnection, education to consumers to ensure home heating energy efficiency and safety, and providing emergency heating system repair or replacement for homeowners in eligible situations.

Grant Types

PRIMARY HEAT:  Heating assistance is available to households who rent or own, whose income is at or below 50 percent of the state median income. The assistance you receive pays a portion of home energy and heating costs. Grants are based on household size, gross income, and the previous year’s energy costs. Grants are paid directly to your energy providers.

CRISIS PROGRAM: Households experiencing a heating or electric emergency may be eligible for additional crisis assistance. You must be approved for energy assistance and a primary heat grant does not resolve the situation.

ENERGY RELATED REPAIR (ERR):  ERR funds are available to homeowners experiencing a life-threatening situation or a no-heat emergency due to a malfunctioning or nonfunctioning heating system. You must be approved for energy assistance to qualify for this program. Proof of home ownership is required.

Applications for Energy Assistance are accepted from October 1 through May 31st each year.  Households who have not previously applied for Energy Assistance can request or print an application below. To request an application by mail or for questions about the program, call Kootasca at 877-687-1163 or request an application at Applications are available to download in English, Español, Hmoob, Soomaali and Tiếng Việt.

Ten benefits of the Energy Assistance Program

  1. It’s free!
  2. The average grant is $500
  3. Local Energy Assistance Partners can help with your application!
  4. Grants are based on household size and income, and on utility costs
  5. Up to $1,400 per household – for heat and electric bills
  6. It works if you use electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil or biofuel.
  7. Grants are paid to your account at your utility company or provider – we do it for you!
  8. The program is open to people who rent AND who own their homes
  9. The program is able to assist with emergency fuel deliveries, when necessary, as well as emergency utility shut offs and disconnection notices.
  10. Furnace repair or replacements to homeowners in qualifying situations should contact KOOTASCA first for assistance. KOOTASCA must be contacted to set up the event in order for it to be eligible for Energy Related Repair (ERR) program. Reimbursement of repairs/replacements not initiated by KOOTASCA is not allowable.

  • A new application must be completed, dated and signed once per year in order to receive Energy Assistance
  • A new application must be submitted for each program year (Oct 1 to May 31) to:

KOOTASCA Energy Assistance Program

201 NW 4th Street, Suite 130

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

If you have already applied, please be patient. Every application submitted will be properly processed. For emergency situations, if your heat or electric are disconnected, your heating fuel is gone, or your furnace stopped running – contact your local Energy Assistance Program provider immediately.

Energy Assistance Program Service Provider Phone Number List


Please note this phone is ONLY monitored October 1 through May 1.  For emergencies outside of those dates, please call our office at 1-877-687-1163.

On-call staff monitor this phone on holidays, weekends and after normal business hours. Please make sure you leave a message with your name spelled out, phone number to call you back, and a message with the emergency you are experiencing. This phone is monitored every few hours. Calling more than once will not expedite your call. If you smell natural gas, you should exit your home immediately and call the emergency phone number for your gas company.