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Big View is focused on changing the narrative that shapes our responses to social issues that impact people in poverty.

Big View  provides a platform to engage the community around issues that impact people in poverty. Educational meetings and events are held to discuss personal experiences, systemic barriers, and policy implications that have the potential to alleviate or worsen conditions for the poor. A variety of formats are used to express both social and systemic concerns including films, individual speakers, panel presentations, community projects, and facilitated audience discussions.

Big View  tackles attitudinal obstacles around poverty that get in the way of providing opportunities, building relationships, and enacting positive policy decisions for the poor. Big View keeps the community informed about issues affecting people in poverty while intentionally upholding the voice and dignity of the poor. Event topics focus on the social, emotional, community and systemic issues that surround poverty and can prevent economic mobility and individual wellbeing.

Too often the behavior of the individual is seen as the primary cause of poverty. For the respect and dignity of low income people, Big View programming recognizes individual behavior as only one piece of the issue. Community and systemic barriers that low income people experience must be acknowledged. Changing individual behavior alone will not solve poverty.

In addition, Big View  recognizes and explores the intricate connection between poverty and race. Big View addresses the historic narrative that has shaped present day beliefs that continue to result in disproportionate resources and opportunities for people of color.

The majority of Big View events are recorded for Itasca Community Television, Inc. allowing for further community reach. Any issue that has the potential to adversely impact people in poverty may become the topic of a Big View Community Engagement meeting. Community members from all income levels are welcome to attend Big View events and encouraged to engage in respectful dialogue around meeting topics.

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Big View programming welcomes partnerships and additional voices who are interested in improving conditions for people in poverty and promoting cultural inclusion to reach out.

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