The theme for this years Annual Report is Our Story of Impact. As an agency we are good at providing services to our customers but rarely take time to look at the lasting impact our work has on the people and communities we serve.

After all what is the true impact of providing quality education for three- and four-year-old’s to ensure they are ready for kindergarten? What is the true impact of working with families to prevent them from homeless, stabilize their housing allowing them to thrive? What is the impact of weatherizing a home giving the homeowners, many of them seniors piece of mind and lower energy bills? What is the impact of educating the community on the systemic issues that keep people in poverty?

Throughout this report you’ll discover how KOOTASCA impacts the people and communities we serve. The need has never been grater and as an agency we are committed to continuing the fight.

As a Community Action agency, we are challenged to not only help people stay afloat but build lives of stability, dignity, and even prosperity.

I hope you enjoy reading our story of impact.

Thank You,

Maureen Rosato
Executive Director

2022 Annual Report