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Head Start Family Involvement

What is Family Involvement and how can I be involved?

A Head Start parent works on the Family Involvement Committee

Volunteers are said to be the backbone of the Head Start program. Whether you are a parent, friend, family member or a concerned community member there are many ways you can get involved.

What Things do you like to do best?

If you like to make decisions and influence the way our Head Start program operates, you may want to be involved in making decisions for the Head Start program. If decision making is your thing, you may want to be a representative to the Policy Council or one of the advisory committees. The policy council representatives make decisions affecting the whole program. The advisory committee representatives focus on specific areas of the program such as Health, Education or Family Support / Involvement and Program Design and Management.

Classrom Helper

Classroom Helper
If you’re the type of parent that loves to be around children and help them learn, you may want to volunteer in your child’s classroom. Teachers are happy for you to read a story to the class, or sing songs. Maybe you have a great story to tell or a CD to share. Maybe you know how to make crafts the children might enjoy. Do you play a musical instrument? Come play it for the class! Do you have an artistic flair? come share an art project. Do you have time to come have lunch with the class? Children love when adults visit their classroom. Maybe you’re good with a hammer and nail. Come build something with the class. There is no limit to ways you can volunteer in the classroom. Whatever your special gift is, come share it with the children! To volunteer, all you have to do is let the Teacher or Family Support Staff know what you’d like to do and he or she can schedule you in.

Activity Planner
Are you a social person who loves to plan activities? Each Center has a Family First Event Committee to plan Family First Events. Do you have ideas about what those activities or events should be? You could have someone come to your center to teach how to make bird houses, or maybe you’d like to plan a family movie night at your center, complete with popcorn and beverages. Perhaps you’d like to bring in a speaker to discuss a special topic at the Family First Event at your center. If you like to plan activities you might want to consider becoming an active member of the Family First Events planning committee.

Some of us just aren’t the social type. We’re homebodies. Did you know there are many ways you can volunteer right in your own home? Read stories to your child and then let your child tell you about the story in his or her own words. Have your child sort out different sized cans and shapes of boxes. Play games with your child! Help your child decide what to wear to school the night before. Have clothes laid out and ready to go in the morning. Talk with your child about fabrics and colors. Have your child dressed and ready on time for school. Be ready to discuss their day at Head Start. Teach your child to share toys and how to take turns. Teach them how to find peaceful solutions to their conflicts. Keep your home environment as peaceful as possible. Be a good example to your child

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