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KOOTASCA Head Start Preschool FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)
Reading to Headstart children

What will my child learn at Head Start?
Head Start is a well-rounded educational experience for families with children from pre-birth to five years of age. Some of the skills your child will learn are: self help skills, sharing, taking turns, listening, following directions, problem solving, counting and math concepts, and Literacy skills including letter & number recognition and letter sounds.

What will my child do at Head Start?
A typical day in the classroom consists of breakfast, group time, calendar, lunch, weather, free play, music, story time, gym/outside.

How do you decide what my child should learn?
Our Head Start teachers are trained in Early Childhood Development. They plan the children’s day with each child’s goals in mind. The teacher and the parent set these goals during the first parent/teacher Home Visit and review and update them throughout the year. The teacher plans activities to match the skills needed to achieve their individual goals. The children practice the skills in the classroom and in the home.

Can I come to visit my child’s classroom?
Yes. We encourage parents to become involved in their child’s learning. Parents are encouraged to visit, participate, and volunteer their time and talents in the classroom as well as in the many different areas of the Head Start Program.

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Will I be able to meet with my child’s teacher?
Yes, In the four day a week program the teacher’s will schedule a home visit at the beginning and end of the year. Three day a week programs have Home Visits eight times each year and both programs have Parent/Teacher conferences that are held three times each year. Parents are free to schedule a meeting at any time.

What if my child has a special need?
At least 10% of our enrollment is for children with special needs. KOOTASCA Head Start has developed a Disabilities Service Plan that provides strategies for meeting the special needs of children with disabilities and their parents.

Do I need to supply anything for school?
Head Start provides all learning materials. Some children may choose to bring a backpack to carry their papers. Each Tuesday the children will bring home a Tuesday folder with all of their important papers inside. It is very important you check it each Tuesday evening to see what is coming up for the next week.

How many children are in a classroom?
Most programs have seventeen to eighteen children with Early Head Start having eight infants and toddlers.

How many teachers are in each classroom?
Our staff are all qualified teachers. There is a minimum of two teaching staff in each classroom.

Does my child eat at school?
Nutritious meals both breakfast and lunch and any snacks are provided.

Does this program cost anything?
There is no cost to families.

What days does my child attend school?
The part year programs run September to May

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