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KOOASCA Head Start Curriculum
Parents are the most important people in their child’s world; they are also their child’s first and primary teachers. In Head Start we work side by side with parents in supporting children’s learning.

Our primary Curriculum is the Creative Curriculum. The most important goals of our preschool curriculum are for children to get along well with others and become enthusiastic learners. We want children to become independent, self-confident, curious learners who can work well with others. We are teaching them how to learn, not just in preschool, but all through their lives. We do this by creating purposeful and productive play experiences that help children grow in all areas.

The Creative Curriculum child outcomes are used to help teachers keep track of children’s skills, behaviors, and achievements while in Head Start, and to report children’s progress to their parents. Three times a year, using the Creative Curriculum® assessment tool, Head Start teachers chart children’s progress in areas ranging from ability to follow directions to their knowledge of the alphabet. The teachers electronically record the scores in a database, which graphs children’s progress. These graphs give parents a clear picture of their child’s progress throughout the year. Teachers have access to your child’s outcomes and can give you the information you need to access them yourself.

We want children to become independent, self-confident, curious learners who can work well with others

“Opening the World of Learning” (OWL) curriculum.

OWL is a comprehensive early literacy program designed for use with preschoolers. Recent research has made it abundantly clear that, for many children, these years hold the key to children's later academic success and social adjustment. OWL works to tap the learning capabilities of all children during these critical early years. OWL's goal is to ensure that teachers help all children achieve standards in language, literacy, numeracy, science, social science, creative arts, motor skills, social competence, and emotional regulation.

Taking it a step further

In 2006, KOOTASCA Head Start applied for and was accepted as a sponsor site for AmeriCorps* Early Literacy Corps (ELC). For more information and to see our first year results click here.

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